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Bee-Light is a crew of professionals in the field of professional lighting, people who are incredibly devoted to their passion for creating lighting solutions. Bees symbolize our employees who are the experts with an incredibly long experience. Diligence, extraordinary scrupulousness, great ambitions, constant desire to improve and develop are the features that identify us. As a group of specialists in the lighting industry, our mission is to provide professional service and advice on choosing the right solution that will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.

Light and the concept of living and working in harmony with nature inspired us to create a brand in which we focus on science, development, ecology, respect for our planet and the environment. Taking the bees as an example, which are the foundation of life on the Earth, we – guided by the highest quality tailored to individual requirements, create the future in lighting.

Our luminaires as components of lighting solutions have been named after flowers that, as a source of flower dust, are an integral part of the process of honey production. Just like honey, our light has its health-promoting properties. We create luminaires in accordance with the assumptions of Human Centric Lighting, which bring great benefits related to the functioning of our everyday life. Properly selected light affects our well-being and even health. We dream about sharing with the world a technology that will change the lives of millions of people. We believe that the values that guide us will also allow us to become an international leader in the field of creating lighting solutions for the future.

Information is the most important value in our times. Even bigger worth for us has the transfer of that information in appropriate time. Our client service is an individual approach and respect for the customer’s time. Having the awareness how important it is for you, we still perfect this process. In the hive the is only one Queen! We put importance on client’s needs first!

The Order Process is a wide range of operations controlled on every phase. That kind of approach allows us to estimate viable completion date. Highly specialized experts’ team is responsible for every order stage which gives us confidence that everything will arrive on settled time.