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Our many years’ and international experience in the lighting industry allows us to match the right luminaires to the special conditions. High and low temperatures, atmospheric factors, chlorine, ammonia, acids – all these and many other factors are of great importance in the selection of appropriate luminaires for the conditions in the illuminated area. We also create luminaires for places where their task is perfect color reproduction – operating rooms, laboratories. Our experts will help you to choose the right solution for your project.

Bee Light Engineers are the specialists in constructing lighting high-quality luminaries with awareness of so important ecology nowadays. Every project is precisely analysed and tested. Modern approach and work with the highest class measuring devices enable to create unusual projects and solutions.

Our Machinery Park is the foundation of the product’s highest quality. The newest technologies and innovative solutions are the work base in Bee Light production plant. The elasticity of our actions allows us to create standard products in amazingly short time and individual approach if it comes to customized solutions. We are open to every project and we are not afraid to ‘swim against the tide’. Our construction department prepares for you personalised products that will suit all your needs. Every employee of the production facility is a specialist in his field – it is our greatest strength and value in Bee-Light!