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Create your own lighting luminaire

Bee Light Engineers are the specialists in constructing lighting high-quality luminaries with awareness of so important ecology nowadays. Every project is precisely analysed and tested. Modern approach and work with the highest class measuring devices enable to create unusual projects and solutions.


Tailor-made solutions

Our Machinery Park is the foundation of the product’s highest quality. The newest technologies and innovative solutions are the work base in Bee Light production plant. The elasticity of our actions allows us to create standard products in amazingly short time and individual approach if it comes to customized solutions. We are open to every project and we are not afraid to ‘swim against the tide’. Our construction department prepares for you personalised products that will suit all your needs. Every employee of the production facility is a specialist in his field – it is our greatest strength and value in Bee-Light!

Cooperation with SARP Łódź

We strive for perfection. That is why we cooperate with the best specialists – SARP Polish ARCHITECTS ASSOCIATION Łódź – our partner in creating modern, ecological and beautiful architectural lighting solutions inside and outside buildings.


One Team

Our team of constructors, technologists and designers is a group of enthusiasts of design, form design, optics and electrical engineering. Their knowledge and professional experience allow us to quickly implement new products that meet your high requirements.

Your lighting support

We listen carefully, advise professionally and develop optimal lighting solutions in close contact with our customers. We make lighting visualizations, calculate the energy efficiency of the proposed lighting concept. We are always committed and unconventional. We are your competent partner throughout the entire process, from consulting, design and ordering to delivery to your address.


Follow the principles

“Starting to work together is a
beginning, staying together is progress, and
working together is success.”. HENRY FORD

Below in a few steps we will show you a few rules to create your masterpiece and we will make a 3D model for you and then produce it.

Krok 1

The size of the fixture will be our first step in creating the design. When designing the luminaire, remember that the size of the luminaire should be adjusted to the size of the room. The luminaire will be made of flexible aluminum with a height of 85mm. In step two, design all the walls of the luminaire. Remember: the minimum length of a straight section is 15mm and the minimum radius of an arc is 25mm. Step three of your design is to connect the sides into a closed luminaire.

Krok 2

Your luminaire design can be made in two variations. The luminaire can have full luminescence or can have partial luminescence, for example by cutting out the middle or several elements from the inside of the luminaire. The luminaire can glow downwards only, upwards only or up and down.

Krok 3

When designing a luminaire, the choice of light source is, apart from the shape of the luminaire, the most important element. Our engineers and designers will select the best solution for your project. In this step we have to decide what color temperature we want to get from the luminaire. We distinguish between 3000K, 4000K, Tunable White and RGB LEDs.

Krok 4

The last step in designing a luminaire is choosing how to control it. We can do this with a switch when we want to use the on/off function. We can also use on/off, color temperature, and light intensity control systems with a switch, smartphone, or control system.

Krok 5

We prepare calculations and a 3D model of your masterpiece. We discuss the details and proceed to make your custom designed luminaire. The 3D model of the luminaire represents the real appearance of the luminaire designed by you

dolores 3d6

DOLORES – The luminaire was designed together with Mrs. Architekt.

Examples of luminaire realizations

Selected 3D design models