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This is Team Bee-Light

The most diverse cross-section of specialists in their fields makes us an indispensable explosive mixture. Meet the team aspiring to become an international leader in creating lighting solutions.

Sales department

Rafał Wesołowski

CEO - Chief Executive Officer | Sales Director

Rafał has been involved in sales for over 20 years. Initially, as a director of the sales department for business customers, he was involved in generating profits for the tycoons of the telecommunications industry. For the last 15 years he has been involved in the lighting industry as a general manager and has achieved international success by building sales teams. He is focused on success, which he achieves with his team each time.

Michał Kordala

Regional Sales Manager

Piotr Walkowiak

Regional Sales Manager

Jakub Glama

Regional Sales Manager

Przemysław Malowaniec

Regional Sales Manager

Michał Bosek

Senior Key Account Manager

Krzysztof Tomaszewski

Senior Key Account Manager

Jarosław Ochowiak

Senior Key Account Manager

Radosław Brzeski

Senior Key Account Manager

Adam Prokopowicz

Senior Key Account Manager

Maciej Łęgowski

Senior Key Account Manager

Jakub Grząba

Senior Key Account Manager

Marek Lentowszczyk

Senior Key Account Manager

Bart Stasiak

UK Country Manager

Wioletta Łupińska

Export Manager

Design department

Dariusz Mielczarek

Head of Lighting Engineer

Dariusz Mielczarek is a graduate of lighting specialization at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technical University of Lodz. He has been dealing with lighting for over 20 years. Designer with many years of commercial experience. He led the investor from concept through design to implementation. Difficult, unusual project with the use of the latest technologies – is always a challenge that gives joy and satisfaction.

Marcin Ollesz

Lighting Designer

Piotr Kitliński

Lighting Designer

Andrzej Tomczyk

Lighting Designer

Michał Augustyniak

Lighting Designer

Customer service department

Magdalena Gołaszewska

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Magdalena has been working in this lighting industry for over 9 years. From the very beginning she was connected with the customer service department. With her diligence and commitment she proved that she is a true Titan of work. For more than 6 years she has been holding a managerial position. She appreciates very much relations with employees and customers. With her attitude she proved that there is no case she cannot solve.

Monika Bielicka

Customer Service Specialist

Marketing department

Łukasz Kaczmarek

CMO - Chief marketing officer

Łukasz met with marketing over 8 years ago, where he took his first steps in a family business. Developing his interests he went in the direction of Internet marketing, where in one of the largest agencies in Poland he climbed the career ladder with the biggest brands. Marketing strategies, communication, internet technologies, computer graphics, internet advertising are a part of Łukasz’s entire range of competences. Moreover, he is a person open to novelties and contact with another person.